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Answers to most common questions. If you need any other help, feel free to call or SMS us.

What happens after I submit an order?2017-11-04T18:31:25-07:00

Once you submit an order you will receive an email from us confirming your order has been placed. You will receive another email shortly after with an ETA.

How do I order?2017-11-04T18:39:22-07:00

Ordering is as easy as signing up and getting verified. Once you have registered, we will verify the MMJ ID provided. Most accounts are approved within the hour. Once approved, fill in the account details and begin using our easy order system.

Do I need to be verified to place an order?2017-11-04T18:32:33-07:00

Yes, we follow all rules/regulations of Arizona Prop 203. Also, it is for the safety of all parties involved.

Can I order medical marijuana if I don’t have a state issued medical marijuana card?2017-11-04T18:35:12-07:00

No, you must obtain a doctor’s recommendation then apply for your Arizona MMJ card. We have doctors that we work with that can help you with the process of receiving an Arizona MMJ Card. Contact Us for more information.

How do I earn rewards points?2017-11-05T19:14:28-07:00

Earn points for products purchased, From promo coupons, And rating products.

How do i spend points?2017-11-05T19:15:49-07:00

At checkout, you will notice your points will be an option for payment before finishing the order.

How do i see how many points I have?2017-11-05T19:17:11-07:00

On your account page, you will see your total points and points history.

Is my personal information secure?2017-11-10T12:38:50-07:00

Yes, the information stored on Herbal Healing Delivery complies with HIPAA and AMMA regulations to ensure that we take the utmost care and pride to protect you at all times.

Can I get my delivery anywhere?2017-11-10T12:40:56-07:00

Just about! You don’t have to be at your home to request a delivery. Whether you’re on the go or just about anywhere we will deliver to you. As long as you are within the current delivery service area. We prohibit deliveries to schools, parks, churches, and a couple other places. If you would like to find out if you can get a delivery to a specific location please submit an inquiry in our Contact Us page.

Do I need to tip my delivery driver?2017-11-10T12:46:40-07:00

Tips are definitely appreciated but not required. Our drivers do their best to go above and beyond to provide On-Time Deliveries. *you may find some surprise rewards points for tipping drivers.

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